Music creates the atmosphere, a selection on strings quartet to 6 pce band, fire dancers and fire works. Almost anything is possible.

Treat your guests to traditional Rindik music while they take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy a mocktail on the arrival to The Ritual, the following options are available and can be discussed at detail with one of our wedding co-ordinators. Trio Rindik Musician,  Rindik Musician and dancers,  The special Kecak Dance
In keeping with tradition, we can also provide 2 Balinese bridesmaids or groomsmen dressed in White and Gold traditional clothing to accompany you down the isle. Not to forget the beautiful and innocent Balinese flower girl and page boy also dressed in traditional clothing.


The Ritual is equipped with state of the art sound system, you can walk down the isle to your favourite song on cd or have the beautiful sounds of a string quartet, with a string trio, duo or soloist available.  Your wish is our command.

After formalities are done and you have enjoyed the most amazing meal, you can get into the swing of things with a live band of 6 musicians, entertaining you and your guests with the latest and greatest party songs around.

Optional Extras

Looking for something different, that special something that will have your guests talking about your wedding for years to come.  Include a fire dance show with 8 fantastic Balinese fire dancers, wowing your guests with their specialty. We also have Belly Dancers, Latin Dancers and for that extra special wedding a full cabaret festive performance with 14 members.  You can have a stage magician or for the more intimate feel, our magician will walk around to each table and dazzle your guests on a more personal level.
Fireworks are the most amazing and talked about event at all of our weddings, you and your guests will be amazed at the number of fireworks and length of which they run.  With a wide selection to choose from, fireworks are a must at any wedding. 
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